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Optima Styleguide

In order to portray a consistent brand image we have put together the following guidance on Optima Training's corporate style:

Colour Scheme

  • Orange #1 (primary background, only use white over the top, never black)
    Hex reference: #E09231
  • Orange #2 (used for emphasis, again never combine with black)
    Hex reference: #DE6927
  • Black (used for body text – not black, actually dark grey!)
    Hex reference: #4C494A
  • Powder Blue (secondary background; use navy blue over the top, not black)
    Hex reference: #DCE3F3
  • Navy Blue
    Hex reference: #2A3667
  • Cobalt Blue (used for emphasis)
    Hex reference: #08C


We use Open Sans throughout. This is available as a WebFont and for PC/Mac from Font Squirrel.

Header Images

The size for header images on the website is 770 x 122 pixels.

Article Headings

This is how the headers within the stylesheet appear on the website. These should always be used in order, i.e. H1 > H2 > H3 > H4 and used to structure articles. Do not apply bold/italic; this is taken care of in the stylesheet itself.

N.B. Slightly different header styles are used on the home page (this is maintained in the website's stylesheet)

Heading 1

Heading 2 (note 1 pixel border above)

Heading 3

Heading 4