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Staff development

Training is just one aspect of your staff development and all of our services can be used to complement existing learning and development activities within your organisation.

Companies that invest in their people enjoy a number of benefits. Staff with opportunities for both professional development and personal development  in their careers will be more productive and creative. This often leads to:

  • Reduced absence and staff turnover
  • Increased sales
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater levels of innovation.

Optima Training is your staff development partner, working hand in hand with your internal training and HR functions to create a committed and productive workforce.

Staff assessments

Many organisations routinely conduct staff assessments during the selection and recruitment of their staff but then fail to routinely measure progress and team dynamics as the business evolves. We use the System of Numerical Assessment of Potential (SNAP) to create insight into your teams, supporting you with staff assessments to ensure that your organisation maintains the best possible mix of resources and generates maximum value from your people.

Staff appraisals

Effective staff appraisals are critical to ensuring that your employees know how their personal development can contribute to their career progression. All too often, this important aspect of employee management is overlooked or becomes a “tick box” activity. We offer guidance and support to busy HR functions and line managers to ensure that staff appraisals contribute positively to your organisation.

Staff development strategies

We provide coaching and mentoring services for your training and staff development teams to help develop creative and engaging strategies for the development of your staff. Our approach of linking training to business objectives and independent perspective often helps HR and in-company training teams to gain much needed management support for staff development strategies.