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Learning materials

The role of learning materials used in both business training and education is often overlooked. How often have you attended a session and received photocopied sheets as handouts or a ring-binder folder that is too bulky to keep? The end result can be that the session is not engaging for the learners and they do not have suitable materials to take away for future reference.

We believe that good quality materials support effective active learning by clearly communicating key lessons in a language appropriate of the level of both study and learner. High quality learning materials can:

  • Contribute to greater levels of active learning and learner engagement
  • Generate higher achievement levels
  • Improve employer engagement with education providers
  • Enhance the professionalism of commercial training and HR departments.

Optima Training produces learning materials that are tailored to reflect your organisation’s brand, creating a professional feel that enhances the impact of the sessions.

Health and Safety materials

We provide fully tailored education materials that deal specifically with the requirements of Health and Safety. These are contextualised to the subject area making them more accessible to learners.

Vocational guided learning modules

Our guided learning materials are written to awarding body standards, and facilitate active learning and the effective delivery of underpinning knowledge within the workplace. Our materials have been used to effectively support Train to Gain and Apprenticeship programmes.

Targeted language materials

We can work with your existing training and learning materials to ensure that they are appropriate for foreign national workers.