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We don’t need to tell you why Leadership and Management training is important to your business. You only need to look at the number of training providers out there to know that investing in your managers and the business leaders of tomorrow is critical to continued success.

So, what makes Optima Training different? There are two things that we believe set us apart and make us the ideal choice for your training and development partner:

1. All of our programmes are designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation. We do not provide “off the shelf” solutions and we are not pushing any particular management models – we contextualise the training in your business, adopting (or adapting) your existing processes, tools and approaches.

2. Our Leadership and Management support is ideal for anyone that will be working with culturally diverse teams or leading businesses in international markets. Communication and language skills, together with cultural awareness, are important elements within all of our Leadership and Management offerings.

Effective communication is one of the key ingredients of good leadership and management. We take the ‘business speak’ out of our leadership and management training, ensuring that our content is accessible to a wide range of aspiring leaders and managers.

Leadership and Management training

leadership and managementWe don’t have a series of “off the shelf” training courses to tell you about. Our leadership and management training is created for you to meet your exact requirements. We can help you to create a team of new managers by giving them the skills and knowledge that they need or further develop your existing leadership and management teams.
We typically do this by building a programme of seminars to build a shared platform of knowledge, workshops to tackle specific challenges within the business and coaching to develop individuals to their potential.

Leading and managing foreign workers

foreign workersFocused on those managing culturally diverse teams or leading businesses in international markets. We deliver bespoke Leadership and Management training that is linked directly to your business strategy, with a strong emphasis on communication, language skills and cultural awareness.

Learning materials

learning materialsThe use of effective written communication skills in the delivery in-company training is often overlooked. The budget constraints of education providers and in-company training departments are often quoted as the reason for using poor quality learning materials; but this can often reduce the effectiveness of your investment in training. We help to ensure that learning materials are of the highest possible standard and offer great value for money.

Staff development

staff developmentAll of our services can be used to complement existing staff development within your organisation. We also offer support with staff appraisals, staff assessments and creating strategies for both personal and staff development through coaching and mentoring.