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Travelling Abroad

Suitable for language levels A1 to B2So you've booked your hotel (the website was in English) and organised your flight. What about getting around when you are travelling abroad on business? Do you have the foreign language skills to: confidently use public transport; order a meal; buy petrol? What about your cultural knowledge?

Being in a foreign language country on business travel can be difficult for anyone and the experience can leave you feeling tired, stressed or confused. In worst case scenarios, this can have a negative impact on your performance when doing the business that you travelled to do.

This course provides the foreign language ability and cultural awareness that you need to be confident when travelling abroad and enables you to be a self-sufficient traveller. The training can be fine-tuned depending on your requirements and current language skills; typically lasting between one and three days.

Course aim

To provide you with the foreign language skills and cultural awareness that you need to confidently travel and work abroad.

Course targets

You will be able to:

  • Get around confidently when travelling abroad
  • Recognise the local business and social culture
  • Use a foreign language for business travel.


This course can be delivered to support the following languages: English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Language level

The Travelling Abroad course is aimed at delegates with A1 language skills and above.

Course length will vary according to initial language levels. Don’t worry if your language skills are lower than this – we can give you an intensive language boost to prepare you for the course.

  • A1 and A2: 3 day programme (delivered over 3 weeks)
  • B1: 2 day programme (delivered over 2 weeks)
  • B2: 1 day programme.

See our PDF guide to the Common European Framework Languages for details of language learning levels.

Course content

Your language training will include a range of scenarios that can occur when travelling abroad. Business culture and etiquette are highlighted throughout the course modules:

  • Checking in to a hotel
  • Eating out
  • Making and accepting invitations
  • Travelling by public transport
  • Meeting and greeting clients
  • Hiring a car, buying petrol and driving abroad.

Course delivery

  • One, two or three days course.
  • Face to face delivery at our offices in Newark.
    This course can also be delivered as in-company training at your own premises.
  • Training delivery consists of 5 hours per day.
  • Delegates will be given additional short tasks and activities at the end of each day and will also be able to use the Learning Zone to consolidate their skills.
  • Follow up coaching will be provided via our virtual classroom.

Course elements

  • Pre-course initial assessment
  • Course folder with tailored learning materials
  • Use of Learning Zone for 2 months
  • Post course language coaching
  • End of course progress report.

What do our delegates say?

"I really enjoyed the balance between business and normal conversational French language.  It has been very interesting and challenging to find out about the regions and Paris Metro system as part of our programme, as well as the rigours of French grammar.  I think our trainer balanced it very well."
Credit Controller, Johnson and Johnson