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Executive mobility is an established and important part of international business. At the same time, the globalisation of many industries has made employee relocation common place. Even with the language skills that you need, relocating for work can be extremely difficult both for you and your family. Luckily, we are here to help.

Relocating abroad?

We have helped couples, families and individuals prepare for work and life in different countries and cultures.

Relocating can be a daunting experience, particularly if you have little knowledge of the country you are moving to and have little or no language skills. Several of us at Optima have been in this position and know the feeling of anticipation (both positive and negative!) only too well.

We can support you in developing your language skills, as well as providing the vital cultural information that will help in your new life abroad. Our trainers are either native speakers or have substantial experience living abroad, and can help you prepare for all sorts of situations: opening bank accounts; enrolling children at school; workplace etiquette; doing the shopping; and contacting utilities companies.

Our virtual classroom and Skype delivery mean that we are only a phone call away to assist you once you have relocated. We will also develop a range of tailored vocabulary toolkits and cultural information for you to access in the Learning Zone.

Relocating to the UK?

We can provide support via Skype or our virtual classroom to develop your language skills before you arrive in the UK. Our Learning Zone provides access to a range of materials and support kits that we have developed to help you settle into life in the UK. These learning materials include: how to choose a school; finding the right nursery; healthcare; British working practices; and British culture. These can all be tailored to the specific geographical area that you are moving to.

Once you arrive in the UK, we will provide language training to further develop your language and intercultural communication skills, using the delivery methods that best suit your work schedules and learning style. Language learning support can also be provided to your family to help achieve an easy integration into their new culture.

HR Relocation Services

You don’t need to be moving yourself to need help with relocation. We work with HR departments to help you manage the complexities of preparing for relocating employees by making sure that they and their families have the best possible information to help them acclimatise to living and working in the UK.

We will ensure that your induction materials and staff packages are presented with an appropriate level of language and cultural sensitivity. This can be extended to any and all in-company training materials that are expected to be used during their time in the UK.

We also have experience in developing fully tailored and branded relocation support packages, produced in your house style to provide a consistent but appropriate language.