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Language support

We take time to build our relationship with your company so that we understand your needs and your business. We then put together bespoke packages that can include anything from telephone toolkits to one-to-one support from a language expert.

Did you know that 55% of companies are concerned about their employees’ literacy skills? We support not only English as a foreign language but also communication development (such as writing skills) for native speakers of English.

Our range of business language support services, in addition to language training, includes:

Language audits

Review of your company’s existing language skills to determine the best solution for your language learning requirements. We look at your business objectives and explore how language development will help your business achieve its goals.

Language strategy

Development of a strategic approach to language and intercultural communication. We will identify those parts of the business that need language support or whether an organisational approach is required.

Bespoke toolkits

Specific support in areas such as communicating by email, dealing with invoices, and cultural awareness tips that are specific to your industry and the countries where you do business.

Language expert support

Our experts will provide a range of language support services, such as making phone calls, developing template emails with you and helping respond to enquiries.

Foreign worker inductions

We work with HR to ensure that all written communication is appropriate for the intended audience and has an appropriate cultural context. Good foreigh worker inductions can be used to support your staff relocation programmes.

We develop induction materials covering topics such as: finding the right school; opening bank accounts; locating childcare; organising utilities; and finding English language support for children and spouses.