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In a global marketplace it is vital that companies develop strategies to develop their communication, particularly in the UK where 80% of English exporters can’t competently conduct business dealings overseas in a foreign language. Companies that use language and cultural skills achieve on average 45% more sales.

Poor communication is one of the biggest barriers to business success and growth. This is true both when English is the common language and when there is a foreign language involved.

There is a common misperception that there is little point in learning a foreign language as ‘everyone speaks English anyway’. However, 75% of the world’s population speaks no English at all. Despite this, many companies do business abroad with little or no knowledge of the language or culture of their customers. The results can range from humorous translations to an inability to communicate effectively at exhibitions and trade fairs.

If you work with overseas clients we can support you with a range of language support services and training including: HR support for foreign worker inductions and relocation, delivery of Business English, Clear English, German or French training; and workshops focused on Business Language and Culture and Effective Communication with Clients.

Language training

language trainingDeveloping effective communication skills in your target languages, we deliver language training services that are driven by specific business objectives. In this way we are able to deliver a measurable return on your investment

Language support

language supportBoth verbal and written communication are important to develop effective communication skills. We provide services to support the use of language in your business by creating ‘working with…’ guides that are specific to your industry, working with your language learners in the workplace to help build confidence in their customer service communication; responding to customer enquiries or making sales calls. Our language support is flexible and confidential.

Cultural awareness

cultural awarenessPerhaps more important than the words we use is the cultural context of communication. We believe that understanding the culture in which your business is conducted, whether that is the organisation or wider society, is key to developing effective communication skills. By focusing on an awareness of culture, you will significantly enhance your communication skills.


relocationWhether you are moving abroad or to the UK, we can help make the relocation go smoothly. We will work with you to develop effective communication skills and awareness of local culture so that you are able to integrate with the new environment as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We also work with HR to ensure that your induction programmes and staff development materials are appropriate for your new foreign workers.