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What we do

What we do

We facilitate more effective training by working in partnership with your HR teams to develop properly targeted training objectives.
There are four key stages to what we do: understand the business; define the objectives; deliver effective training; review, feedback and assessment.

1. Understand the business

2. Define the objectives

3. Deliver effective training

4. Review, feedback and assessment

Understand the business

what we do 1 understandWe first work with HR to identify the training needs, resource requirements and any working methods or processes that are required by your organisation. We will also seek to engage with senior management to understand the business priorities and required impact.

The most important outcome of this stage is to confirm that training is the most appropriate solution.

Define the objectives

what we do 2 define objectivesWe work in partnership with your HR function to translate the business objectives into defined training or communication objectives; addressable through training. Our approach ensures that the training offers a good fit with the business.

We identify who needs the training. We develop training that takes learner needs into account so as to maximise its impact. We also take work schedules into account to develop a programme that is flexible in how it is delivered, minimising work disruption.

Deliver effective training

what we do 3 deliver trainingThe training is developed to target the defined objectives. This can consist of existing modules, bespoke content created specifically for your organisation or a combination of the two.

The delivery is flexible and can be delivered in a variety of ways to ensure that it is complementing workplace activities. We understand that the job often needs to come first.

Regularly review, feedback and assess

what we do 4 assessWe provide continuous feedback to learners and HR on progress during the programme. On completion of the course, we conduct a review and assessment of the training effectiveness and impact against the defined objectives.

In many cases we continue to offer remote support and coaching to staff to ensure that the lessons are transferred to the job. We also continue to develop our partnership with HR by addressing environmental issues that can impede the impact of training on job performance.

Why are we different?

What we do is focus on business improvement rather than generating training activity.