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Learning elements

Although all of our learning packages are fully tailored, we guarantee a quality service by building our programmes around key elements. Whatever type of programme you choose your training will include the following:

Initial Assessment

initial assessmentInitial assessments are conducted on a no obligation basis. We assess each learner via Skype, phone or email (whatever is most convenient and suitable for each learner) to enable us to put together a draft programme plan. This gives you a really clear picture as to what can be achieved and by when.

Programme plan

programme planThe programme plan is developed with you to ensure that we select topics relating specifically to your business needs. We also work closely with you to develop business related targets that will be assessed at the end of each programme.

Tailored programme materials

tailored materialsWe develop bespoke materials for each client and contextualise programme content to your business. This could include using brochures, website material, examples of written communications, existing processes etc.


Website materials

website materialsAll learners receive a password to our Learning Zone at the start of the course. The Learning Zone enables them to access audio and written materials specific to their training programme.

Progress report

progress reportEach learner receives a progress report at the end of the programme. This details progress made and suggestions for next steps in their personal development.