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Training delivery methods

Optima Training uses a range of training delivery methods, often combining in-company training with distance learning approaches, to create a flexible training solution that works for you.

Face to face

We can deliver training in your workplace or at our training rooms in Newark. Most students prefer to have training in the workplace as it saves the commute and enables them to get back to work quickly!

You don’t need to commit to certain times and days - our trainers are mobile and flexible and we will work around your work schedule as far as possible.

Virtual classroom

This e-learning environment gives you the ability to connect with Optima Training from all over the world. There are no downloads or software to install so you can connect instantly with your trainer.

Our trainers use animated presentations, audio, images and video to create highly interactive online learning. We believe in the importance of personal contact when learning a language and you’ll find that our virtual classroom is just like the real thing!

Is it as effective as face to face training? Yes! Our clients love the virtual classroom and we can set up a trial session for you to get to know your trainer before you get started on your programme.


Business meetings, trips abroad, and work and family commitments can sometimes make it difficult to have face to face training. Why not try Skype? Skype is best suited to students wanting to improve conversation skills.

If you are unsure about using the technology or just want to give it a go, one of our team members will set up a trial Skype talk to test the connection and talk you through how we use Skype during a training session.  We will also set up a trial Skype chat with your trainer, enabling you to meet before you get started on your programme.

Is it as effective as face to face training? Yes! We have been delivering Skype training for several years and use the technology effectively to support language learning.  Our trial Skype talk means that you can get to know your trainer before you get started on your programme.

Flexible learning

We can provide a mixed learning programme for you to fit in with your specific requirements and work schedule.

Several of our clients opt for a mix of face to face, virtual classroom and Skype sessions to fit in with travel. Others opt for fortnightly sessions with an intensive ‘booster’ sessions every now and again.

You might want to consider flexible training if: you travel a lot; don’t work regular hours; your workload increases at particular times of the year; you want to access learning out of work hours, for example through evening Skype sessions.

Intensive programmes

We provide intensive programmes in all of our languages. Intensive programmes can last from one to four weeks and are great for making quick progress! You need to be prepared for some hard work as our trainers will provide a range of challenging activities to develop your skills. With this in mind, we recommend a maximum of five hours of training each day – any more than this and students will become demotivated.

For students learning English we can provide a range of cultural activities in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. We also provide real life opportunities for developing business English skills such as attending local business clubs and networking events, as well as the opportunity to meet up with local business people. All of our intensive programmes ensure that the students have as many real life opportunities as possible to practise their language skills.